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Our team of highly trained staff, ranging from Paramedics to first aiders, can provide a full and comprise cover for your event, whatever it may be. We cater for small and large events, no matter we can supply one or 100 staff. Using our experience, we are able to deliver a first class service to you and your customers, at great affordable prices.

Our fleet of response vehicles includes Front line ambulances, Rapid Response cars, Cycle units, And for the muddy of road events 4 x 4 and quads.

Team Medics provide clubs, sports, athlete, VIP medics, motor sports and others, they are ideal for holidays, travels, horse events, running, cycling etc. You are given you very own medic who will provide you with highest level of care and support where ever you may be or what ever you do.


Providing peace of mind for party goes to your venue, and could result in ££££ discounts on insurances and helps build a good working relationship with the local ambulance service

With the increase in alcohol related issues faced by the NHS at busy times like Christmas and new year but also the weekends. We have a dedicated team of medics, who have experience in both the medical and security night club industry, all our night club medics have a vast experience within the medical service and some are SIA licensed, Providing you, your staff and customers with instant medical help using the best in life saving equipment, by having a medic in your venue this saves time and money, giving vital support where needed and helps keep resources for other tasks. They will triage the patient and give advice or treatment if required. They will be highly visible and smart at all times.


Great for crowded areas and hard to reach areas

Our cycle response teams work alongside our first aid posts and ambulance crews, to give fast and effective support at any public event, With safety in mind, cycles are easier, greener, and much more safer when working around crowds, they can normally get to the scene quicker than our front line ambulances. Perfect to have a defibrillator and other lifesaving kit on scene within minutes. The cycle response unit is also backed up by the quad for off road events and muddy areas including the beach.


A must at many events

We offer first aid posts to be positioned along routes or around venues, they offer a clear point of contact for the public and a safe area and good meeting point for children, all our posts consits of two area one being a treatment are with a bed etc, they offer great lost children facilities and are all green to aid this. Our safeguarding and children protection officers are highly skilled within this area and are worth anything in the event a child becomes lost, all staff are trained and DBS checked.