All pictures used by kind permission of from the person and or parents


Our staff undergo regular training sessions.

To ensure our crews keep up to date with training, we hold training days at our unit, covering basic and advanced skills. We make the situations as real as we can, using our in house casualty simulation make up artist we are able to add real looking wounds and plenty of fake blood. This provides a great setting and boasts team work.


Our training unit is great for public advice. Also for hire for your event

If you have a event, or open day, school fun day, family fun day. why not promote your event by having our training unit on site offering hands on CPR training, AED training, basic bleeding control and recovery position. aimed at any age we offer completely free of charge to the public the training that we believe everyone should know some basics that could save a life one day, kids of any age and adults can join in and have fun learning with annie, and the team. With the ever increasing number of AEDs in the public, not many people are aware or even feel confident of the use of them, with our training AED we can explain and give hands on safe training to enable them to feel they can use this great piece of life saving kit. So for your next event give us a email to get booked in.

As the picture shows a young girl being shown CPR. its simple and easy. And a great way to promote your event.

We can also offer arena displays showing the work we do with our ambulance and teams using real life casualty and fake blood.